String Bikinis

Channel your inner beach goddess with our women's string bikinis. Discover two-piece swimsuit sets with adjustable strings for a flirty and customizable beach style.


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Women's String Bikinis

String bikinis are a popular style of swimwear for women that have been in fashion for many years. A string bikini set typically consists of two pieces: a triangle-shaped top and a bottom with string ties on the sides. The name "string bikini" comes from the thin strings used to tie the pieces together.The string bikini top is designed to cover the breasts with two triangular pieces of fabric that are held in place by thin strings tied around the neck and back. The amount of coverage provided by the top can vary depending on the size of the triangles, with some tops offering minimal coverage while others provide more modest coverage.

The string bikini bottom is similarly designed, with a triangular piece of fabric covering the front and strings tying at the sides. The amount of coverage provided by the bottom can also vary, with some bottoms offering minimal coverage and others providing more coverage.String bikinis are a popular choice for women who want to show off their bodies and feel sexy while at the beach or pool. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns, from solid colors to bold prints, and can be worn by women of all ages.

Overall, string bikinis are a classic and timeless style of swimwear for women that have remained popular for decades. Whether you're looking for a minimalistic, sexy, or colorful style, there is sure to be a string bikini set that will fit your needs and make you feel confident and comfortable at the beach or pool.